Every wine has a tale to tell – a tale of countless captured moments; from the sunshine that bore down on the grapes to the lives that played a part in its creation. But it is not frozen in time - it is very much alive and grows in complexity from one day to the next. So much to tell; so much life to share. With Vine we wanted to celebrate every bottle in a cellar, to hear each of their tales - from the old storyteller to the young poet.

Our intention was to parade the pageantry of vineyards and labels as proudly as the collection of an art gallery…one of yesterday's moments in the sun and tomorrow's moments to be shared.

In a dichotomy between design and function, we also needed to respect the integrity of the wine itself. The solution was to have the wines floating in the air, a cleanly displayed bottle suspended in time and space - ready to be plucked from the past and poured into a new memory.

Vine cradles the bottles between crystal platforms, the natural reflective surfaces responding to the glass of their cargo. LED lighting creates an air of futurism, a reverence for the temporal – tradition held safe by the contemporary.
The result is an interactive, digital wine rack that considers both aesthetic and function; a reflection of our regard for both bottle and content. A moment in time suspended, literally and figuratively. The crystal cradle carries power and data to every shelf. The weightless, floating effect concealing all trace of technology – leaving the wine to evocate its own romance.

Each shelf provides a specific IP address, enabling specific illumination of regions, varieties or even tones – however their owner might desire. A tablet or smartphone can then wirelessly provide interactive content via low resolution screen. Vine grants an interactive, guided tour of your passion, from old world to the new; racing at the speed of light from yesterday's Provence to today's California.

It's true that a cellar has many stories to share – including that of its owner. Tell your own tale with Vine, after all, when writing your life story, why would you let anyone else hold the pen…

'' A digital and interactive wine rack incorporating the latest LED technology, made from high quality crystal and specialized aluminium extrusion designed to take the weight of the bottles and to carry power and data to every shelf.''
DIMENSÕES 440 x 1850 x 2580 mm
TAMANHO GERAL 90 x 310 x 15 mm
Aço inoxidável | Cristal Ótico
Dourado | Cromado | Preto Cromado
6W LED 2700K ou RGB de controle
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