After nearly two years of R&D we are finally ready to share Dusk with the rest of world. The concept for the design actually started more than three Years ago but the technology we required was not available at that time. We needed a very powerful led, with a specific colour temperature, small enough to fit within our fixture. We now have exactly what we were looking for a beautiful warm white light source with plenty of power that is also dimmable.

Although very simple in form there is nothing simple about the design of the dusk collection. For a powerful led you need to design a good heat sink to dissipate the heat away from the led. We achieved this with the combination of some clever internal engineering and producing the main body from cast copper that makes, not only, a great heat-sink but also provides us with the perfect base to apply precious metals like gold, silver and many other non-precious finishes.

The next challenge was to find a way to seamlessly attach the hand ground optical crystal to the main body, so that all the precise angles line up perfectly, without the need for screws to secure the the crystal in place. These angles are not just aesthetic, they are designed to the break up and bounce the light through out the chandelier when using many single vertical Dusk pieces together.

'' L'idéologie derrière Dusk une forme qui fonctionnerait aussi bien dans les environnements classiques que contemporains''
0,2 KG
140 x 16 mm

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