Creative Director

Beau McClellan is an artist and designer renowned for his extraordinary light installations and multi-award winning branded ranges.
A creative force of boundless enthusiasm, he started as a designer-blacksmith, mastering discipline after discipline, hungry for new methods of expression. 
From film to music and now to illumination Beau sees no need to confine his love for art, his joy of redefinition now inspiring the same passion in a vibrant team of artists.

Partner Manager

Lucia employs skills learnt in the retail, hospitality and the media to the smooth running of ByBeau. 
As a new project begins, she braces herself for the logistics of the long road ahead - a calming influence over the creative rollercoaster. 
Her philosophy is that success is a journey…and happiness is found not at the end - but on the way there.

Product Designer

João's passion for design began at an early age sketching cars, leading him to study industrial design in Lisbon. 
In love with a project's first movements; with the experience of finding a concept's truth – enjoying the challenge as much as the achievement.
As a designer he revels in the ability to make anything is possible, reflecting the constant presence of art around us.

Product Designer

As the youngest member of the team, Sofia's work as an integral member of a dynamic design team has redefined her parameters as an artist.
Fascinated by the way objects can be transformed, combining aesthetic with function. Sofia is largely self-taught, informing her refreshingly honest interpretations.
Her goal is to continue to develop these skills; perfecting her medium to the benefit of the team… and of course to their clients.

Graphic Designer

Always feeling connected with the arts, Mafalda spent her early days creating in her room. Artistic curiosity led her to studies across Europe. 
Inspired when in movement, she absorbs new ideas and concepts from different realities, cultures and styles… Finding a message in each new experience.
Her work remains true to herself and what she loves, from her first drawing to her growing portfolio.

Studio Dog

The team are overseen by the watchful eye of an Airedale terrier named Dougal – a Scottish name meaning black stranger.
Dougal is certainly no stranger to the creative process with the team noticing he always seems to be around when a flash of inspiration hits.
A muse, a mascot, a trainee designer and very much a part of the family at ByBeau.