Bespoke can mean many things. Unique? Of course. Exclusive? Certainly. But we believe there is a further qualification required - that the realisation of a client’s dreams must be uninhibited by the limitations of those charged with making them a reality. We dream with an open mind so, as artists, we approach a project with matching receptivity – to go further than what we know. Ours is the business of the beyond - beyond lighting, beyond bespoke - a multi-disciplinary dream factory. 

Reveal demonstrates how many different techniques go into one of our signature projects, a bespoke marriage of lighting sculpture with complimentary hand-forged railed staircase. Our brief was to create a spacious, contemporary design that would maintain the air of naturalistic tactility already present in the beautiful wooden touches of the client’s home.

A chance observation of dropped matchsticks presented the ordered incidentality integral to a “natural feel” - the inspiration for Reveal’s railings. We wanted to capture the way patterns occur in the seemingly random – and the way we tend to search them out. Receptivity led to fittingly naturalistic realisation in the forge; every detail, from the highly polished bars to the simple black brackets, was hot-forged and stamped – a tribute to versatility from Beau’s experience as a blacksmith.



Tactility was achieved through a respect and knowledge of the materials organic honesty; metal seems to need the fire just as the wood of the handrail needed to display all its natural character. The patterns of the wooden rail twist downward, contrasting and complimenting, blending the forge-work in with the pre-existing aesthetic. This capture of the organic engenders an ethereal effect – a study of natural states through a contemporary lens, a copse of juxtaposition tended into form rather than engineered.

The stage had been set for a sculptural central piece to extend this imagery, to accentuate the natural light just as the staircase had done with its own materials. Reveal interacts with ambient light to create a feeling of life during the day; later dressing the room for the evening with a fully-controllable lighting environment, able to lower into the room for a spectacular guest appearance when entertaining. 

The design works alongside the textures of the staircase to create a uniformity from a union of wood, metal and glass, finding their common aesthetic. Each ingredient was carefully considered and treated to achieve equilibrium – present like the patterns in the chaos of a pile of dropped matchsticks. So we find the answer to why we see beauty in such things…for the same reason that we see beauty in any chaos – because we love to see beyond it to witness the order within.