REflective flow


Our artistic process is often reactionary to a building, an architecture, or the vision of the client - and the more extraordinary the cause, the more extraordinary the effect. Reflective Flow for Hitmi Al Hitmi Doha Qatar is aptly named, being reflective of the incredible engineering of the building itself, and part of a flow of inspiration from singular marvel and spectacular whole.

The magic of the extraordinary is found woven throughout the tapestry of ordinary life - magic is what adds that little extra. The original inspiration for the building’s striking profile came from a trip to Canada, the designer transfixed by the wonderful geological staging of two rocky outcrops. Our challenge was to draw an inspiration that shared progeny with this vision; to find a compatibility of imagery and theme. Visiting the site, Beau visualised a river between the two rock crags, winding and shimmering, a breakwater against the tectonic forces pulling them apart.

To meet extraordinary challenges, we must apply extraordinary solutions; not to imitate a scene but reflect the sensation of witnessing it – dragging you from waking life to dreamlike suspension. To return us to that moment of wide-eyed awe in the face of nature…to where the ordinary takes on a glow and wonder all of its own. 




The wonder of contemporary art is energy - new energy. Ancient artworks are beautiful aesthetically, but they lack this youth. Our living, organic piece needed to harness that vivacity; that dancing, reactive movement. What makes Reflective Flow truly astonishing is the scale of that reaction. The piece is comprised of over 2,500 individually hand-ground crystals, each shrouded by concave glass and finished with a unique reflective coating. Invisible behind this glittering body is a state-of-the-art system of over 55,000 individually controllable LEDs - a literal and metaphorical spectrum of emotionally responsive potentiality.

The autonomy of each crystal allows colour and variation of constant chameleonic metamorphosis, shifting tides of colour, shape and light. These transitions are reactions to the ambiance around it, in equilibrium with time, mood and feel. During the day an organic art sculpture, Reflective Flow harmonises with the natural light of its environment. But at night it really comes alive. When illuminated, the reflective surfaces – the result of three years’ development - become either fully or semi-transparent, bursting alive with waves of light in an unmatchable expression of movement.

Reflective Flow is intended to extract you from reality - if only for a second - to let you lose yourself in a mirror-world of reflection; a world that shimmers with gratitude to the overlooked magic of the world around us. We visualised a river’s surface, but wanted to leave the sensation of having walked upon it. We like to think that while its size may stop you in your tracks, it is the magnitude of the reflection that will lift you high above them.