At ByBeau, we philosophise that our work is informed by every step of our journey to the present; that every endeavour provides a fresh new direction. Such was the case with our Reflective Flow project. In the daytime, its curved surfaces are mirrored; by night, they become transparent from the lighting behind them - an organic installation in daily passage; sensitive to its own environment. 

Dimple is the natural adaptation of what we had learnt into versatility. Inspiration-creation-inspiration. Necessity may well be the mother of invention – but sometimes invention can prove to have maternal instincts of her own…

Simplified to allow for total freedom of imagination, Dimple offers a flexible, modular system for a personalised statement - from a single pendant to cascades of individual drops. An integration of light into art rather than art into lighting, Dimple harmonises with natural light in the day - only to burst into life by night.

The true beauty of our evolutionary approach is that each step is part of a huge collaborative process…artists, designers, craftsmen and engineers have all played their part in bringing Dimple to life. The stars at night, the falling of raindrops… how do you perceive it?  Like our own designers, you may find your inspiration in all sorts of places, starting another path in the creative journey of our work.


Dimple specs


The exquisite hand-blown finish of each glass pendant comes all the way from Shanghai, part of our symbiotic commitment to preserve dying craft techniques the world over. When switched on, the pioneering two-way mirror-coating - available in chrome - unveils an extra interior hand-blown glass ball. A playful whimsy of the imagination that transitions throughout the day - a magical twist to any ambiance. 

Functionality is not compromised for art’s sake, with each single drop’s LED individually controllable; an interactive visual instrument intended to be played and enjoyed – all simply controlled by either its own system or a previously installed Lutron or Crestron. 

We see ourselves as playing with light and art in equal measure – and with the versatility of Dimple you can feel free to play too…after all why should we have all the fun?