New beginnings. New directions – and a city that is a testament to dynamic enterprise and game-changing modernism. Collaboration is no better illustrated than in Dubai, an unrivalled display of multi-culturalism. And what wonders they have achieved – the Dubai skyline is unlike any other in the world; a view into tomorrow, unique and breathtakingly cinematic. Symbolic of such growth, movement and futurism, in Nomad we find an expression of the city itself. 

The aptly-named Nomad represents transience, physical and spiritual; place to place, mood to mood. Living up to its name, this project has journeyed far across the land; from the B5 Art of Living in Dubai to take centre stage as part of the first-ever Festival of Interior Design (FoID). A worthy celebration of the luxurious contemporary that Dubai has come to represent.

Nomad takes the form of a five-metre-long wave comprised of over 200 individual glass components. Each of which may be individually controlled by portable device to create an infinite variability for expression and mood; easily accessible to enhance the interactivity of the installation. Finished with a unique, trademark reflective mirrored coating, the piece showcases Beau’s particular brand of theatricality – a transient piece, art-sculpture by day and spectacular light installation by night.




The mesmerising effect of diffusing light through the array of frosted hand-ground optical crystal creates the welcome surprise of unexpectedly warm pastel tones. A product of experimentation with cutting-edge technologies and materials, Nomad is imbued with movement – captivating and sensory. The intention is to capture the attention, to create a moment of wonder and magic.

One of the fascinating elements of Beau’s ground-breaking projects is how the innovations required for their realisation lead to further works and products. Although a signature piece its construction was based on a modular system, which meant that the design could be used to create individualised forms. Innovating very complicated technology, then refining and simplifying it for the appreciation of a wider audience is now a standard practice for ByBeau. Many aspects of the current product range owe their unique brilliance to the projects that have preceded them. 

Like the city that first showcased it, Nomad is a progression. A progression of technology. A progression of ideas. More than that though, Nomad represents movement and shifting times, a reflection of the dance of city life around it. Amid this vibrant chaos it stands as a reminder that we all need to pause once in a while and look at the magic the world has to offer. Along its travels Nomad has shared this message of meditative reflection with countless strangers – perhaps the very definition of enlightenment.