#MeetDimple at LUZA, Algarve International Festival of Light, First Edition 2017
Loulé, Algarve, Portugal

Lighting, control and interaction design.

ByBeau - #MeetDimple in Universe of Dimple

LUZA Festival is an innovative project that promises to impact Algarve's region with its uniqueness. It's a Light Festival coumpoud by installations, ativities and lightshows performed by the city of Loulé, where the audience can interact with the installations and artists. LUZA assumes itself as a independent project and it's propose is to insert Portugal in the International artistic light festivals guide.

For this installation, Bybeau Studio presents the Universe of Dimple, an installation based on MeetDimple campaign, at Convento de S. António, Loulé. Six hundred Dimples suspended inside a mirrored box. Each Dimple is composed of individually blown glass, with smooth curves and mirrored finishes that reflect natural light. Each Dimple also contains an individually controlled LED light, synchronized with music. Dimple's natural movement creates the illusion that it moves and reacts to sound waves. The mirrored box reflects the whole scene, giving a feeling of infinite suspension in a Universe of Dimples, an ocean of light.

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