Fluidity. The ability to shift easily, free of fixation or rigidity. This project was in many ways an attempt to achieve a fluidity of style; contemporary yet animated – and without the uniformity or blandness symptomatic of mistaking neutrality for modernism. An expression of the transitional, Fluid is intended to react and interact with its ambiance; a contemplation of the passing day and the fancies and moods held within.

The Conrad Hilton in Portugal features three Fluid chandeliers, each a statement piece commissioned to capture an essence of enterprise and dynamism with luxurious exclusivity. The Conrad Hilton features stylish architecture and interior design by Sigma, Miguel Cancio Martins and Rethink Interiors, with the Fluid installations a manifest of their ambience of warm, organic modernity. Collaboration with potentially conflicting disciplines is very much a part of a bespoke service; our signature pieces highlighting and accentuating our partner’s themes and explorations – as well as our client’s visions. Fluidity of design and thought can often prove the key to unlocking such dreams.

For a dream to become real it must be experienced, and it is only through our own experience that we are able to make those of our client a reality – having developed an accomplished toolbox of unique technology by doing so. Fluid demonstrates some of our family of established innovations; reassuringly tried-and-true systems that are immediately available for our custom projects.




The pendant lights used for Fluid installations are hand-blown from the highest quality glass available and finished with a mirror-coated fascination. Concealed within each of these ornate baubles, an optical crystal magnifies and strengthens the light from an LED. When lit the bottom and middle of the pendant becomes semi-transparent, the crystal’s hand-frosted surface softening any glare to create a soft, subtle glow that radiates from each magical drop. 

However, Fluid is also crafted to play with the natural wonders of daylight, receptive to the dance of its patterns and reflections where a more one-dimensional functionality would prove redundant. When unlit each mirrored droplet absorbs the surrounding space; ripples of curved surfaces echo the world around them to ensure a multi-dimensional piece, transitioning seamlessly throughout the day, freed from rigidity of purpose or intention.

The modularity of these drops allow for an infinity of configurations, from individual pendants to the flowing cascades of the Hilton Conrad. Drops of different sizes set at different heights can be composed to create a sculpture of textural, tactile visual stimulation. In such an array we capture an aqueous, malleable elementalism; a worthy interpretation of fluidity – fluidity of ambiance, art, design and thought.