Night and day work hand in hand, as the sun rises and sets, life plays out on a changing set. This contrast is so great that a piece can prove to be too imposing – or conversely too easily imposed upon - at a given time of day. Sympathetic to this, Eclipse is an exercise in defying definition by a single context or ambience - its aesthetic revealing new interpretations with the passing day. Its form and function are not informed by one another, rather they interweave, coming to the fore when ambiance requires them to. Partners to an end, a true expression of the collaborative processes of their creation – art, design and engineering working in harmony. 

Taking centre-stage above a staircase in a two-storey home located in southern Portugal, Eclipse suspends dozens of mirror-coated components in precise constellation. An elegant crystalline array that captures the celestial beauty of the night’s sky, gently transitioning colour and pattern to create an infinite variety of moods.

Experience has instilled within ByBeau a love of experimentation with different materials; of their properties and how they interact with different sources of light. Eclipse has been crafted to play with the natural wonders of daylight, receptive to the dance of its patterns and reflections where a more one-dimensional functionality would prove redundant.



Each component consists of two oval mirror-coated glass shades around a central light source, LEDs are diffused throughout the frosted, hand-ground optical crystals. The result is a piece of luminary art that transitions throughout the day; not merely existing inert, but a living, breathing reaction to the space and time of day. By harmonising with - and then augmenting - the pre-existing sensory experience, Eclipse provides a unique augmentation of the character and narrative of its environment.

Yet form at the expense of function was not the objective, and as daylight fades, like a flash of inspiration or the spark to a flame, the true meaning and reality of the piece bursts into life. Eclipse defines itself by breathing new life and ideas into the night; a statement of dynamic passion and emotion. 

Like bespoke tailors, we aim to ‘dress’ an environment appropriately for the desires and moods of the passing day; with Eclipse its elegant influence in the daytime can be maintained or give way to the theatrics of the night’s sky. Engaging cutting-edge technology with artistic sensitivity created an unrestrained expression of imagination. Art is, if nothing else, a living, moving entity – and few things are able to express the days of our life like light itself. As Eclipse demonstrates, ByBeau are, by day or night, artists - artists in the medium of light.