The problem with a vivid imagination can be the wait for technology to catch up with us…as the design fantasy for Dusk had to. After years of research and development, we finally see the fruits of our labours – the proud parents of a child on graduation day. A testament to our team’s dedication to their art, striving to challenge themselves; to create, not to settle.

The ideology behind Dusk was a form that would work equally well within both classical and contemporary environments. Dusk soon became an exploration in temporality; waiting for technology to catch up with a design intended to prevent time from doing the same to its aesthetic.

The key to achieving this was an equilibrium of form and function, reason rather than trend. In short, each design element needed to have an honesty, an organic truth – for after all, beauty is truth and truth beauty.

Each elegant finger of dusk would require a very powerful LED - of specific colour temperature - small enough to fit comfortably within. The breakthrough unit used in Dusk combines extraordinary power with compact size - a fine example of drawing great things out of small packages.


Dusk Specs


Another theme became the complexity of simplicity, with the clean lines intended challenged by the more effective heat sink needed to dissipate the temperature. This was resolved by a cast copper main body that perfectly visualised Dusk, being inspired by the time of day where light becomes copper-gold; where the day reaches its end, its destiny – just as our project had finally reached its own.

Each copper body of Dusks’ stalactites forms the perfect base to apply a myriad of precious or non-precious finishes - your own personalised magic hour. The hand-ground crystal tips are precisely aligned and angled; a constellation of incidentally. These angles refract and reflect light, bouncing it from element to element, the organic feel free of any visible trace of manufacture – simplicity through complexity.

Twilight has an illusionary nature with the sun neither above the horizon nor below it; a balance of day and night - there cannot be one without the other, yet they cannot exist at the same time. Our Dusk represents that dualism; a bond of form and function, of classical and contemporary…of night and day.