Designed for a large North European mansion, Cardume began life as soon the design team arrived on site - where Beau was struck with the stunning grounds of the property. Rolling vistas and crystalline lakes made an immediate impact, and the movement and vibrancy of nature would become a key inspiration for the piece. These grounds were so effective in drawing a visitor into the house that the project became something of an homage – an echo of that exterior wonder… Drawing the senses deeper into a unique aesthetic.

One of the defining traits of Beau’s work is an innate sense for transfiguring a sensation or impression felt at the home of a client; creating a work that magnifies that experience into something extraordinary - while remaining natural to its environment. Upon first visiting this particular site, he became transfixed by dust movements as they danced through beams of sunlight from the stunning central skylight. His imagination making shapes from clouds, Beau saw a reactive motion that reminded him of shoals of fish sparkling beneath the water’s surface; a sublime feeling of submersion.

Cardume is the Portuguese word for the shoals of fish that would lend their visual idiosyncrasies to the project. A theme running from the lakes of the exterior to the submarinal effect of the natural sunlight found in the interior. The design would pay particular interest to the movement of light and kinetics this association brings to mind; the sunlight flashing off the scales of the fish, the rainbow of colour after a sudden reactive change of direction.



Reaction became a key word for the project, the property possessed an enormous amount of fine detailing; architectural features and aesthetic touches that the piece needed to emphasise rather than eclipse. Striking a balance between the sensory impact of the piece while not compromising the pre-existing visuals would prove the challenge of Cardume. The piece is not intended to be the first and overriding impression of the house, rather an integration and expansion informed by the pre-existing ambiance. Similarly, Cardume is designed to work in harmony with the glorious sunlight that first captured Beau’s attention – to share extend this experience rather than plagiarise it.

Careful consideration was involved in integrating this piece into the client’s lifestyle, the control panels for Cardume were developed to match the pre-existing units for the rest of the property. This is intended to provide complete control for ambience and mood as quickly and intuitively as possible. Pausing to manipulate technology takes away from the moment; freed from such concerns, Cardume is able to ensnare the senses and fully relate Beau’s sensation of underwater tranquillity.

In translating this reaction to an ambiance without imposing upon it, Cardume works as an integral piece of artwork tying all those intricate details together. A fine example of ByBeau’s philosophy to create works that just seem to belong, as though destined to be there.