Dimple - Pronovias

Marriage is not a noun; it is a verb. It is not something that we get – it is something that we do. A moment that stands as a symbol; a union, a meeting of minds. A moment in time where hopes, dreams and aspirations come together, a moment that hangs in the air as two people begin the rest of their lives together. Creating that moment of timeless magic is fittingly collaborative, as families unite and artists of all disciplines work toward a special day that marks the first steps of a life and journey the happy couple will share together. A day tailored to that moment, tailored to union. And at the centre of it all: the dress. 

The launch of the Pronovias 2017 collection will reflect what a wedding dress symbolises; a meeting of minds distilled in a moment of magical intimacy suspended amidst the breath-taking spectacle. After all, in what context is one to better appreciate the dress? Here artists of all disciplines have bought their particular skills to an event as tailored to the artistry of the wedding dress as each will be to their bride.

ByBeau and Climar exemplify the perfect partnership; a marriage of the creative force of Beau McClellan’s award winning team of luminary designers/artists with the extreamly high quality manufacturing skills of Climar Lighting. This dynamic collaboration has already enjoyed success with signature Dimple lighting installations. Dimple itself has been a massive collaborative project, an integration of reactive lighting that has involved the skills of artists, musicians and visionary technicians like Rebeca Sanchez of Ledscontrol to be fully realised.

In making Beau’s vison for this particular Dimple a reality, Rebeca brings her considerable experience in bringing magical illumination to festivals, public spaces and events. But while every dress needs the spotlight, every spotlight needs a stage. Which is where Sara Cortes and Studio Cortes come in. With their expertise in the conceptualisation and execution of fashion shows and product launches, they are master tailors of their own craft, weaving a space and event so expressive and evocative of the unique character and personality present in each of the Pronovias 2017 collection.

All of this has been worked toward capturing the emotion of that moment, that dress. Upon the spectacle of this stage, underneath a shimmering sky of lighting, Pronovias will present the icons of tomorrows wedding day. On a day only possible through the relationships involved, Pronovias celebrate the coming of another year dressing brides around the world for their own day on stage and their own moment in the spotlight. Their status as international market leader has been achieved through an appreciation of the philosophy of marriage, its nature of partnership, and a commitment to quality and design. 

Commitment. Partnership. Design. These are the qualities where we find the commonality between ByBeau, LEDScontrol, Studio Cortez and Pronovias. And in the marriage of their artistry and talents we look forward to an event celebrating the success of relationships, the way we can interact, develop and grow into something greater than the sum of our parts. As the signature glow of a ByBeau installation bursts into life, we catch a glimpse at the moments of tomorrow; at the many special days to come and the futures that will come from them – and at the centre of it all: the dress.